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Stains & Dyes

Innotech Chemical Stain

This product can produce surfaces with rich and variegated finishes. Instead of covering the concrete like paints or coatings, chemical stains infuse color into a surface while showcasing characteristics of the substrate. The translucent effects and the broad drifts in color—considered trademarks of chemical stains—give surfaces the appearance of a timeworn “patina” finish.

Innotech Chemical Stain - Dilution Liquid

This product is used to dilute Innotech Chemical Stain to achieve lighter colors and softer color tones

Innotech Liquid Dye Concentrate

This product is a penetrating, translucent, micronized and non-reactive dye. Once diluted with either acetone or water, it can be applied to uncolored or colored interior concrete surfaces, to overlays, and to be used in the Innotech Grind/Polishing process. This product will provide intense coloring effects without creating a film or coating that can be worn away. Innotech Liquied Dye Concentrate is available in 16 vibrant standard colors.