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Release Agents

Innotech Release Powder

This product is specifically designed for use on color hardened concrete (engineered for use on all surfaces receiving texture, including Innotech Integral Colors†, Innotech Color Hardener†, Innotech Stampable Overlay† and gray concrete). This product allows for the clean release of texturing/imprinting tools from the concrete surface while at the same time providing antiquing or highlighting effects

Innotech Liquid Release -Premium

This product is a superior quality, high performance liquid release agent. Innotech Liquid Release - Premium is a clear, low viscosity, slow drying and non-pigment method for releasing mat-type texturing tools from the surface. Its low viscosity formula allows for a longer surface life, requiring less frequent re-application. Liquid Release agents provide an alternative in situations when Innotech Release Powder may be prohibitive. Innotech Liquid Release - Premium is ideal for fast track installations.