IFS new product highlight of the month!

Koster Resinous Flooring Products


Intelligent Flooring Systems provides high performing product offerings that fit stringent design criterea, solve problems and add to the overall aesthetics of new and existing buildings. 

Our areas of expertise include the following:

·        ESD Flooring Systems by SCS & VPI
·        Flooring Adhesive Systems by Taylor Adhesives
·        Moisture Barrier Systems by Koster & ProSpec
·        Waterproofing Products by Koster & Lymtal
·        Resinous Flooring Systems by Koster
·        Self-Leveling Underlayments & Wear Toppings by Koster             & ProSpec
·        Decorative Concrete Products by Innotech
·        Concrete Restoration & Repair Materials by ProSpec
·        Infrastructure Construction Materials by ProSpec
·        Site Testing and Analysis