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Primers & Additives

ProSpec B-730 Mortar/ Acrylic Additive is designed to enhance the properties of ProSpec non-polymer modified tile setting mortars by improving workability, extending open time, increasing bond strength and improving flexibility, adhesion, impact strength and freeze/thaw resistance.

ProSpec Level Set Epoxy Primer is a 100% solids, two-component, solvent-free epoxy primer designed for use with Level Set Underlayments and Wear Topping. It is specifically formulated for extreme bond strength to minimize cracking and for sand broadcast applications.

ProSpec Level Set Primer is a liquid-polymer, latex bonding agent for applications of the Level Set self-leveling products and ProSpec concrete repair products. All Level Set products must be used in conjunction with a Level Set Primer.

ProSpec Level Set Primer Plus is a highly concentrated, film forming dispersion for priming very dense, smooth, nonabsorbent substrates such as terrazzo, marble, metal decking, ceramic and quarry tile.