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Innotech Stampable Overlay

This product is a single-component polymer modified, fiber-reinforced cementitious topping formulated for resurfacing structurally sound, non-moving interior and exterior concrete surfaces. This product is for use with Innotech Imprinting Tools and can also be broom finished. Innotech Stampable Overlay is generally applied at 3/8- to 1/2-inch thickness and is used on commercial, residential, municipal, theme park, and industrial applications. Innotech Stampable Overlay can be utilized for new construction or in a renovation. Innotech Stampable Overlay has very high compressive strength, is fiberreinforced, and can be left exposed to vehicular traffic (Innotech recommends regular maintenance). This system consists of a wet primer application, pigmented latex modified mortar, release agent and sealer

Innotech Micro-Topping

This product an architectural concrete overlay. Innotech Micro-Topping transforms structurally sound surfaces into colorful areas with architectural impact, while delivering exceptional abrasion resistance. Available in 42 standard colors this product produces areas of solid color, subtle variegation, marbleized hues and various textures. Innotech Micro-Topping bonds to virtually any substrate, including concrete, wood, metal, plastic and sheet rock. This product is a combination of liquid polymer, color tint packs and specially formulated powder mixtures. The product can also be provided pre-colored for larger jobs. 

Innotech Micro-Topping EXT

This product is a flexible, breathable topping created specifically for outdoor and high-traffic interior applications. This product is available in gray and white, base and finish coats, and will utilize Innotech Micro-Topping Liquid Tint Pack system for colored applications. This product is the preferred material for trowel-down/spray textures in exterior/interior applications.