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The ICT Group of Companies announces a strategic alliance with IOBAC Magnetic Flooring Systems.    


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Does the IOBAC system cost more than traditional adhesive based flooring systems?

If applied to a substrate that needs moisture mitigation IOBAC can be cheaper than comparable existing traditional adhesive based flooring systems. Upon subsequent installs the IOBAC system only needs to change the top surface and therefore can be at least 50% cheaper than comparable traditional flooring systems. The labor costs associated with the IOBAC system should be significantly less than a traditional adhesive based system.
How do I buy it?

The magnetized top floor covering is sold by the approved magnetized top surface manufacturer. The IOBAC resin system is sold by IOBAC approved distributors. An IOBAC representative will enable end users or approved IOBAC contractors to purchase the IOBAC system from approved suppliers and distributors.
Why is it quicker to install?

If applying to a damp substrate up to 98% RH then the IOBAC resin can be applied direct to the properly prepared substrate and obviates the need for the laying of 2 moisture mitigation layers. The IOBAC resin takes on average 1 hour to cure compared to 8 hours between each of the 2 moisture mitigation layers. The IOBAC system does not need an adhesive layer, adhesion is achieved via magnetism between the paramagnetic resin and the magnetized top surface. IOBAC can be installed direct to terrazzo, timber, laminate, plywood and vinyl significantly reducing the programme time.
Why is IOBAC Environmentally preferred to traditional flooring systems?

The resin system is 98.75% solid and therefore has very low volatile organic compounds (VOC) compared to adhesive based systems. When removing an adhesive based floor due to the adhesive and contaminants on it, it is generally sent to landfill. When removing an IOBAC floor the magnetic top surface can be easily removed and re-used or sent to the manufacturer to be recycled.
Why does IOBAC work on damp subfloors up to 98% RH?

The IOBAC resin system is a vapor permeable layer laid at 500 microns that enables the concrete to breathe. The IOBAC top surface is adhered via magnetism and not adhesives. Magnetism is not affected by water, adhesives usually emulsify in the presence of water.
Will the magnets effect equipment, devices and humans?

No. the magnets’ field is emitted from the top surface downwards towards the resin. No magnetic field is evident beyond the top surface of the floor or below the resin.
How do I become an approved Distributor, Supplier or contractor?

You need to contact us at and we will guide as to the requirements for each.
What if my floor floods?

If your floor floods simply pick up the tiles, wipe clean and dry the resin and replace the floor tiles. Your floor will be unaffected. If the floor was adhesive based there would most likely be water ingress into the adhesive layer and resultant emulsification giving an unsound floor.
What if the floor gets damaged?

In commercial environments floors often get damaged. With an IOBAC floor anyone can uplift the damaged tile and replace it with a new one. The process is super quick, simple and suitable for unskilled operatives. In a traditional adhesive based floor system the area would be subject to application of warning tapes and the area rendered out of action while a team of skilled operatives would be needed to remedy the subfloor and top surface.
What maintenance is recommended for the IOBAC flooring system?

The top surface manufacturer recommends a maintenance programme. Due to the absence of adhesive in the IOBAC system there is no need for waxing to protect from water ingress reducing maintenance costs. Normally neutral cleaners and non-woven commercial floor pads are proposed by the manufacturers.
What area (Sq ft) could be laid in an 8 hour shift of the IOBAC system?

In a retail environment between 3,200 Sq ft and 6,400 Sq ft can be installed. The Sq ft achieved is dependent on site conditions and sequence of works.
Are there tax savings and why?

Yes, the top surface is deemed to be removable and therefore not part of the fixed assets. It should qualify for capital allowances and shorter tax depreciation periods.
Why will it cost less the next time I change my floor?

The resin remains and does not need to be touched. Only the top surface needs to be paid for. With IOBAC there is no need for costly remediation to the subfloor upon removal of a traditionally adhered top surface. There are also no landfill costs as the IOBAC system’s magnetic top surface can either be re-used or recycled.