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High Performance Sealers


This product is a durable, two-component, 85% solids aliphatic polyurea system that has excellent adhesion to concrete and quick return-to-service time. This product can be applied with a roller, brush, airless sprayer or notched squeegee. This product is water-proof if film integrity is not broken.

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INNOTECH SURPRO SB (solvent-based)

This product is a two-part, solvent-based polyurethane that forms a high-solids coating, preserves and protects any interior above-grade concrete, masonry or stone. This product meets federal VOC regulations and is highly resistant to most harsh chemicals (solvents, gasoline, etc.). INNOTECH SURPRO SB is one of the most durable, soil-resistant and chemical-resistant barrier coatings in the INNOTECH sealer family.

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INNOTECH SURPRO WB (water-based) Matte

This product is a two-part, water-based polyurethane that forms a high solids coating. INNOTECH SURPRO WB Matte preserves and protects any above-grade concrete, masonry or stone. This product is the most durable WATER-BASED coating from the INNOTECH sealer family, without the odor typically found in solvent-based sealers. Formulated to seal and protect concrete and masonry that is subject to the heaviest use conditions, INNOTECH SURPRO WB Matte is chemically-resistant and highly durable.

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