8400 series no wax ESD tile

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Statguard Static Control Flooring


Statguard ESD Tile

This produt provides a first line of defense against the buildup of static charge on personnel and equipment. Protective permanent flooring, in conjunction with conductive footwear, drains static charge away to ground through the floor. This solid vinyl tile is conductive, durable and attractive. The flexible, resilient tiles are made with vinyl and contain a minimum amount of filler and virtually none of the regrind that can make tile brittle. A proprietary manufacturing process seals in the conductive carbon medium, resulting in a unique tile that can be easily cleaned and shined to a gloss while maintaining it's electrical properties.


Statguard Adhesive

This product is used to install Statguard ESD Tile and provides an efficient electrical groundplane underneath the entire floor to drain electrostatic charges to ground. The black adhesive is a two-part compound supplied in "gallons".